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New Jersey Lottery
New Jersey Lottery


Check out the New Jersey Lottery’s past events and press conferences with photos and video coverage.

August 14, 2015

New Jersey Lottery Pays Drivers’ Tolls to Promote New Fast Play Games

March 9, 2015

New Jersey Lottery Introduced the Winner of the Largest Single Instant Ticket Top-Prize in its History

January 30, 2015

New Jersey Lottery Celebrates the $9.1 Million Pick-6 Winner as ACME Shares the Luck with Community Donations

October 28, 2014

New Jersey Lottery's Partner, Northstar New Jersey, Gives Back to the Community

July 24, 2014

Jersey Shore's Endreson Family Share their Story as They Collect their Pick-6 Jackpot Millions

August 13, 2013

New Jersey Lottery Introduces the Latest New Jersey Powerball Multi Millionaires Who Are Self- Identified as the Ocean’s 16

March 25, 2013

New Jersey Lottery Retailer Sells the Sole Winning $338 Million Powerball Ticket

July 18, 2012

$21.5 Million PICK-6 Jackpot Winners Claim Prize at Lottery Headquarters